Trittico Bio - Natural Gelato Machine

Trittico Bio

Trittico Bio makes combined machine that pasteurizes raw milk!


Trittico Bio makes the gelato that meets nature.
Gelato made with fresh raw milk coming from your thrust worthy farmer, higly controlled, rich in nutritional quality, but especially a milk that is not depleted or impaired by the phases of industrial pasteurization
and cheaper than the milk you buy at the supermarket.
Trittico Bio pasteurizes the milk from our cows once and makes delicious gelato. In this way all those important organoleptic properties of raw milk are not lost, as normally occurs by acquiring already pasteurized milk. And the result is a natural and nutritious gelato. If then, in addition to a raw milk, you also choose the organic one, your gelato will be even more natural, really biologically correct!


Being correct means respecting people’s choices, their ideals and giving voice and equal importance to everyone.
Today being “biologically correct” means being part of a world that is changing and wants its voice and its reason to be listened, a world of people who have chosen for themeselves a lifestyle that
respects nature and natural functions.
Taking your raw milk from farmers and being able to pasteurize it at home, producing your own gelato, means making a small step towards eco-sustainability of your production, reducind the steps between the producer and consumer, having a high quality milk to make your own gelato. If then, in addition to a raw milk, you also choose the organic one, the step becomes huge leap, totally correct! It is your choice, supported by a world of people thet live in a growing market segment.


European directives 92/46 and 92/47 set out the rules/procedures for the pasteurization of raw milk, including
temperatures, the phases of processing, data recording pasteurization:

  • Trittico Bio has in itself a digital memory with a software that follows the procedures of the directives. It observes the temperature of pasteurization and processing phases.
  • It records and prints all data relating to the process of pasteurization of milk, useful also for the purpose of inspecting authorities.
  • It also has a unique patented milk anticontamination device during pasteurization.