Patamix - Machine for pâte à choux


For a perfect pâte à choux! By Christophe Adam


Patamix is the brand-new Bravo technology developed exclusively for the preparation of pâte à choux!
It features 2 automatic programmes:

  • Traditional pâte à choux method;
  • Pâte à choux preparation following Christophe Adam’s recipes.

The machine stands out for its innovative mixing system: the combined motion of its fixed and mobile parts ensures an unprecedented texture of the finished product.
All processing phases take place inside the machine: from feeding in raw materials, to heating and baking, as well as the preparation of a perfectly smooth mixture. The working cycle takes about one hour and yields 50 Kg of product.
The high-performance Patamix technology allows professional pastry chefs to work according to their needs: they can both choose a half-load working mode and run repeated consecutive cycles without having to clean the machine in between them.

  • Available in model 50 (50 Kg of product per cycle)
  • Stainless steel upper grille for sifting flour
  • No water consumption for cooling
  • Shorter production times