Gelmatic Startronic Plus - Batch Freezer


Startronic Plus

With this batch freezer you'll get the driest gelato you have ever had !


Strong, reliable and intelligent batchfreezer able to adjust temperature and energy flow based on the quantity and gelato recipe.
A machine that is easy to use thanks to its few push buttons and basic functions that allow you to obtain results above market standards. Moreover the innovative cooling system is the highest-ranked in terms of production and quickness in its category. Provided with upper funnel for an easy mixture loading that allows you to easily pour the product from the buckets, avoiding the problem of the air outflow from the cylinder door. A state-of-the-art digital brain controlling gelato freezing through the most advanced methods.

  • Electronic freezing control through many sensors and programs.
  • Upper funnel for fast mixture loading.
  • Front hopper for adding aromas.
  • Makrolon® front door (special thermal insulating material).
  • Three-blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers.
  • Fast gelato extraction system.
  • Granita production.
  • Multiple stirrer speeds*.

* Patented device that, thanks to the inverter, allows the software to automatically change the mixer rotation speed.

  • Consumption saving (condenser patented by Bravo)
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean, thanks to the internal water nozzle.
  • A state-of-the-art front door with the extraction front door surface 50% bigger than the previous one. You have a major, easier and quicker gelato output.