Not a school, nor an Academy...

Trittico Club is way more!

To support our customers during their everyday activity, Bravo decided to create some top level clubs: unique meetings among professionals,
where to learn, grow and develop your own skills, sharing your ideas freely and with no charge.

The aim of TRITTICO CLUB is to support you in your real, everyday job, and to help you reach your goals of professional growth, with the help of the best professionals in the field, new product ideas and new production techniques.


Training, informing, communicating with GSG Service!

In 2010 Bravo created the first Communication, Marketing and Consulting company, vertically specialized in the dessert field, GSG Service, which has the aim to provide the complete professional service that many fields of gelato making, pastry and HO.RE.CA. are missing: new marketing ideas, training offers and professional consulting, communication services such as websites, catalogues, brochures, video and much more. That's where the idea to become a "Dessert trainer" on the field has started.

GSG doesn't aim to be a school, a university, an academy; it offers top level professionals, organizes events and consulting sessions with the purpose to offer to its customers a service fitting their everyday needs, from individual courses to group courses. The goal is to give value to every single customer, meeting his/her needs, either concerning the company image or his/her own professional growth.


The Bravo Trittico Club team of professionals

Ariel Segesser
Ariel Segesser is an artisan pastry, chocolate and gelato Chef with more than 25 years' experience...
Vetulio Bondi
Original from Florence, Vetulio started being interested in gelato since he was a kid...
Ugo Sanvitti
Partner of the family pastry schop "Chantilly" near Brescia and Vice President of the Brescia Pastry chefs Union...
Olivier Lucas
Pâtissier in the Bravo® r&d department and training center. Worldwide trainer for Bravo equipment at Bravo France. His education in the dessert field made him an expert in different fields of the bakery art and decoration.
Gianluca Aresu
He takes his first steps in the family pastry shop, and he later studies at prestigious...
Gilles Carbone
Chef Gilles Carbone has always wanted to develop something natural and unique. Since the beginning of his career he's been looking for the perfect combination between...
Andrea Baschirotto
Starts working in a semifinished bakery and gelato products company in the '90s. He learns there the gelato art. When he opens his first gelato shop, Andrea becomes a member of the Bravo Trittico Club...
Angelo Grasso
Famous gelato master, known in the whole italian artisan gelato world...
Danilo Freguja
Worldwide known as the "Italian Chocolate Ambassador"...
Maurizio Colenghi
Member of AMPI, the Italian pastry chefs Academy, he graduated in culinary arts science in Brussels...