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Di Che Gusto Sei Festival 2017 - Pescara

May 26 - 28, Bravo is sponsor of this amazing festival in the magical Pescara, Abruzzo

Host 2017 - Milan (Italy)

Come and visit us at Pav. 10 - D52 E59

NRA Show 2017 - Chicago

Bravo North America takes part in the NRA show. Come and visit us at booth 6629

Fispal 2017 - Brasile

Come and visit us in San Paolo, Brazil

Gelato artigianale festival - Agugliano (AN)

Form 9th to 11th June we'll be produ sponsor with our machines

Artisan gelato festival - Pesaro 2017

Produ sponsor of this amusing event

Ice to Meet You 2017

Bravo sponsors this festival in two cities, southern Italy

Mig 2017 - Longarone (Italy)

Come and visit us in Longarone - Pav A2 - 15/18

Sigep 2018 - Rimini, Italy

Showcookings, the most famous chefs and an unconventional booth. Come and visit us!