Trittico Startronic Plus - Multifunction machine


Startronic Plus

Unique and original with Ionic System on board


Trittico® Plus is the revolutionary machine on the artisanal gelato world, it allows to always have a healthy, balanced, soft, creamy, dry and stable gelato products in your showcase.

The strength of Trittico® Plus is Bravo exclusive patented Ionic System®. It is an invention that revolutionized the concept of batch freezing, applying a physic-scientific parameter that let the machine automatically detect the moment when gelato is ready to the extraction and immediately inform the operator, so it is always possible to produce a perfect dryness gelato!

Furthermore thanks to the upgraded software, Trittico Plus is also suitable to the basis processes of Pastry world and it can be use to produce custard cream.

  • 3° generation Ionic System
  • Doubel probe on the cylinder 
  • Screw - flange clodure level
  • Plastic teeth
  • Stirrer for upper tank
  • Removable gelato extraction chute
  • Rubber mat for placing the gelato tub
  • Basic Startronic Plus spare parts kit
  • Patented Ionic System® Control with speed variator to detect the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/sorbet consistency and volume.
  • Batch freezer mixer with multiple speeds.
  • programmable (customizable program)
  • specific program for small amounts production
  • You will prepare:



slush ice

  • Possibility to work with the Ionic System®: speed variator controlled by a software that ensures the maximum product overrun
  • and maintain the structure in the showcase for long time.
  • Possibility to work by setting the time.
  • Possibility to work by setting the extraction temperature.