Trittico Executive Premium - Multifunction machine


Executive Premium

And pastry arrives into your laboratory with Trittico Executive Premium


Trittico® Executive Premium is multi-function machine which range includes dessert and savory food products: a complete model that includes experience and passion for artisan gelato and the art of pastry and savory food. It offers a wide range of recipes that you can create by following the pre-set programs but also allows you to experience the creativity thanks to the free program. It is equipped with a sophisticated software that automatically handles the cooking, cooling and emulsion processes to prepare perfect products, with no margin for error and no waste.

A good helper to better organize the work in the laboratory and in the kitchen!

  • Patented Ionic System® Control with speed variator to detect the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/ sorbet consistency and volume.
  • Batch freezer mixer with multiple speeds.
  • Software programmed with multiple recipes.
  • programmable (customizable program)
  • specific program for small amounts production
  • You will prepare:




slush ice


fruit jelly

butter cream

mousseline cream


tartre citron

pàte à bombe

te à bombe chocolate


sauces and jams


  • Possibility to work with the Ionic System®: speed variator controlled by a software that ensures maximum overrun for gelato/sorbet and the accurate speed mixing for pastry products.
  • Possibility to work by setting the time.
  • Possibility to work by setting the extraction temperature.
  • Multiple gelato and pastry recipes.