Patamix Evo - Patamix Evo



The machine for Pâte a Choux, Caramel, Chocolate e their various forms!

  • Patamix Evo for Chocolate: Patamix Evo, serving as a melting tank, is a useful tool to melt large quantities of chocolate for tempering or covering your products.

  • Patamix Evo for Caramel: Patamix Evo is excellent for the processing and production of caramel. With the ability to melt sugar, this machine allows the production of caramel, cremeux, glasse, pastries, nougat and many other derived products.

  • Patamix Evo for Pâte a Choux: Patamix Evo allows to prepare Pâte a Choux following the traditional method, thanks to an automatic program. Patamix Evo for Pâte a Choux is the key to making top-quality products such as Beignets, Eclairs and Profiteroles.

  • Available in model 50 (50 kg of product per cycle)
  • Equipped with bronze blades
  • Stainless steel upper grid for sifting the flour

  • It allows to process 3 products with a single machine, and much more
  • It can melt large quantities of chocolate
  • Shorter production times
  • Production flexibility (half-load or consecutive cycles working modes)

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