K24 Evo Duo Series - Temperer 24 kg

K24 Evo Duo Series

The evolution of chocolate tempering


Great news for Series Duo with a graphic restyling of the dashboard, the system controls and two dedicated programs: free program and traditional program. 

Extremely fast, it requires the exact and precise knowledge of the tempering temperature of the chosen chocolate.

Very flexible, it allows you to work with any type of chocolate, no matter the level of knowledge you have.
It conveys the art of tempering by hand directly into the machine with almost no margin of error!

  • Temperature automatic control
  • Heated grill for chocolate always smooth
  • Precise temperature control avoiding tempering exit
  • Display easy to read and digital keyboard
  • Easy change of type/colour of chocolate 
  • Pre-set programming for the chocolate melting
  • Auger screw in stainless steel to prevent wear 
  • 10 Customizable programs
  • Air absence in the moulds
  • Programmable volumetric pedal dispenser
  • Easy cleasing of the tank
  • Electric outlet suitable to be connected to any plug 
  • Thermic self-balancing 
  • Anti-congealing lamps image
  • Temperature control
  • Sheet resistance heating system
  • Display & keyboard image
  • Auger screw
  • Program storage image
  • Cocoa Butter Program (patented Bravo)
  • Delayed start
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Flat Table image