Gelmatic Startronic Premium - Batch-freezer


Startronic Premium

Easy and fast for the production of every type of gelato


Batch freezer Gelmati Startronic Premium is the result of 50 years’ experience of Bravo specialized R&D on combined machines.

  • Cooling system

Patented refrigeration system formed by monobloc cylinder with reduced diameter provided with multi-points and multi-rings gas injection system that directly expands along cylinder walls.
Ensures quick and effective homogenous cooling turning the water into small, regular crystals in order to obtain a soft, creamy and stable gelato in the showcase.

  • Mixer

The blades icebraker mixer made by stainless steel, with interlocking connection in the front door to keep it alligned along time. Mixer prevents the formation of ice along cylinder’s walls, keeping intact their cooling efficiency. It is equipped with self-adjusting scraper teeth that adhering perfectly to the cylinger walls to prevent the igloo effect, crush ice crystals and making them more fine.

  • Front door

Front door made by special heat insulating material to prevent the dispersion of cold. It contribuites to rapid batch freezing, reducing power consumption and avoiding dripping during gelato extraction.
Lightweight easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.

  • Upper tank to quick charging of the mixture
  • Upper funnel on front door to charging flavors and other ingredients.
  • Fast gelato extraction system.

• Easy charging of the mixture.
• Easy use of the machine.
• Electronical control of work cycles
• Reduced consumption (Bravo patented condenser).
• Maximum convenience and easy to clean.