Equilibrio Fill Good - Equilibrio Fill Good

Equilibrio Fill Good

Professional filling machine. A new ally for your artisanal needs!


Equilibrio Fill Good is the perfect tool to increase productivity in your artisanal lab. 
The tank can be filled up to 14 liters (473 oz) and allows to fill pint sized containers as well as serware and cups of a variety of sizes. The device is extremely precise and can dispense small amounts (as little as 15- 20 grams of product) and can also be used to decor by switching the decorating piping nozzles.
The innovative technology incorporates a spiral dispensing rod (screw pump) with a hydraulic pusher, an adjustable vent and inverter. These features allow you to customize the filling process based on the product to dispense. Since the device uses an electromechanical system, you have full control of the flow speed, as you would with a piping bag. 

  • Tank capacity: 14 liters (460 OZ.).
  • Switchable decorating nozzles.
  • Pedal controlled.
  • You can use Equilibrio Fill Good with: gelato as cold as -8°c (18° f), jams, sorbets, ganache and creams.
  • Preserve the product’s texture.
  • Avoid product waste and allows precise dispensing.
  • Better handling of denser mixtures (like thick creams).
  • Easy to clean: all the components are removable to facilitate cleaning. The screw pump is not removable, but the surfaces can be easily wiped clean with a sponge.