Mixcream - Cream cooker


For custard cream and more!


Mixcream is the next generation cream cooker designed to prepare a big variety of pastry products quickly and with ease: your best ally in the laboratory for big quantities production.
The heating system of the stainless-steel tank in 36 and 56 models is equipped with a double aluminum plate which permits the machine to reach high temperatures with low energy consumption. Furthermore, the heat is delivered evenly in a non-aggressive homogeneous way, which doesn’t burn even most delicate ingredients.
Double circuit of our intelligent dry cooling system allows automatically decide for full or partial cooling of the tank down to +4°C with low thermal inertia. This ensures the right amount of cold even with half load, maintaining a high-quality finished product avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.
Special temperature probes in direct contact with the product allow Mixcream to control the whole production process precisely and constantly, from cooking to extraction, thus ensuring smooth production and the highest hygienic safety.
Thanks to the speed variator and thoroughly developed software with various preset and free programs, the machine can optimize mixing speed of the cream in accordance with the cream features, to obtain a perfectly structured product.

The software of Mixcream is the outcome of more than 50 years of Bravo experience in the world of artisan pastry, which provides a step-by-step guidance through preparation phases, helping to minimize manual intervention.
Mixcream is extremely versatile: with the free programs you can customize cooking temperatures and times, cooling temperatures, stirring speed, etc… easily adapts the production process to the personal recipe of the chef.

Prepare perfect creams thanks to the innovative stirring system with speed variator that duplicates pastry chef’s movements.
Thanks to a particular spring, the special junction of the side blade pushes the mixture towards the tank wall, making it more and more refined at every turn of the stirrer.
The scraper then collects the residual cream from the tank wall and puts it back into circulation for further refinement.

  • 3 models - 18, 36, 56 litres.
  • Different programs for different cream types.
  • Stainless steel tank.
  • Automatic cream heating system.
  • Transparent upper cover made in polycarbonate equipped with transparent window for the control of the process and for the addition of the ingredients at the right moment.
  • Timed water supply system for cleaning.
  • Multiple stirrer speeds (INVERTER*).

*special device (which application was patented by Bravo) that allows the automatic change of the stirrer speed

  • Production time saving.
  • Mixcream can be used as a pasteurizer.
  • It produces perfectly smooth cream.
  • The tank can work at half capacity for a remarkable energy saving (mod. 36 e 56).
  • 3 different cream preservation modes in accordance with the chosen program.