Bravo Spa Is Sponsor Of The Television Program Broadcast On Sky Uno From 9 April

At the start .. Dolci di Pasqua!

Bravo Spa is proud to be a partner of this new and exciting television adventure which sees the protagonists of two unpublished episodes on Easter Sal De Riso and Andrea Tortora, great pastry chefs of Italy.


Dolci di Pasqua with Sal De Riso and Andrea Tortora,

program broadcast on 9 and 10 April at 19:50 on Sky Uno and NOW TV

and 11th and 12th April at 19:00 on TV8,

represents a greedy journey to discover the typical Easter sweets linked to the tradition of the Italian peninsula.


This television program recounts recipes, surprising creations, curious interpretations, tricks of the trade, experiences and anecdotes starting from the simple search for new ingredients and flavors up to the creation of a real Easter cake born from tradition and grown in the sign of innovation.


The great master Sal De Riso will lead all the spectators to the origins of taste on the Amalfi Coast and, in particular, will guide the public to discover the protagonist of excellence of the Easter tables of Campania, the “pastiera napoletana”.


Bravo Spa chooses every day to put its technology at the service of the great dessert professionals and is proud to be sponsor of this special journey with two of the greatest and most authoritative masters of taste.