Dear reader,

We can no longer ignore it, we can no longer avoid thinking of the planet in which we live.

For almost 60 years, every day at Bravo, we have been thinking about the future of gelato, pastry, and chocolate. For almost 60 years, every day, we design made-in-Italy technologies to simplify and improve the work of professional artisans.

The future has always been our direction. Although, as much as we can bring innovation into your artisan work, the one thing that we will always need and without which nothing could be achieved is raw material, the one that comes from our planet, a planet that today more than yesterday, asks us for new attention.

2020 marks for us the beginning of a journey, consideration and new awareness.

We decided to start from the primary element: the earth we step on, the air we breathe and the fruits that you, reader, use within our technologies to transform them into something wonderful and sweet. In the next two years, we will be planting, taking part in the reforestation project promoted by Treedom, 200 fruit trees and cocoa plants, in a project that embraces many aspects: sustainability, compensation of CO2 emissions, the possibility of giving work in an ethical and local way to whom will plant these trees for us.

It is only a small step, we know, but many small steps together can do much, according to our own possibilities, without judgment.

This project will always be online on our website in total transparency, together with the technological innovations that we will present at Sigep 2020 and in the upcoming international exhibitions.