Welcome to Bravo


The history of a family, of a dream, of passion

A dream for over 50 years.

50 years have passed since the constitution of the company, which has become over the time the leader in the dessert business, thanks to its advanced and always upgrading technology and to its top-selling product Trittico: the first multi-function machine for gelato, pastry and chocolate.

The history of the company is also the history of the Bravo family, where the factory takes the name from. The company was founded by Mr. Genesio, who has now passed the baton to the next generation, his sons Giuseppe and Stefano, who are growing and expanding their business worldwide.


At our customer's side, everywhere

Our philosophy is to be at our customer's side from the moment they purchase our machines then remaining present in their business through assistance, support and training.
And coming to know you through our Trittico  Club and through direct contact, we have understood that in order to do so our sales network, which today includes over 200 dealers and distributors throughout the world, was not enough. 

We felt the need to be more radically present in your territory, and this is why we founded some branches worldwide such as Bravo France, Bravo Asia and Bravo North America. Our project is to continue in this direction to be ever closer to our customers.

This is the only way to remain true to our philosophy: to support the work of our customers day by day.


We translate solutions into technology

To always go further, to never stop in order to go one step beyond the others, casting oneself towards the future already today.


BRAVO is innovation. 

Bravo anticipates trends not only on a technological level but especially as far as ideas and customer service goes. We travel worldwide, we explore new markets to identify the trends, to turn them into technology and to bring them to your home.

BRAVO is advanced technology 
Scientific research is nonstop: we live in a world in which all sectors develop day by day. The Bravo Research and Development department is constantly updated and implements its technological research in its machinery to bring it to your workshop.

BRAVO is at its customer's side 
Bravo is always at its customer's side. The true relationship, the support, does not end with the purchase, but it starts and develops over time. Because that's when the customer needs support, training, information. Bravo knows this and with the GSG Service, with the Masters of the Bravo Trittico  Club and by means of its sales network is and wishes to be at their side.



"Bravo technology allows us to create unique flavours that become our trade mark, and top quality products."

Paolo Pomposi

"Innovation is the key factor for Bravo. Staying connected to its tradition however, made Bravo the leader in the field."

Cremeria Capolinea

"I think Trittico is an amazing machine, you can create top quality products in a short time and in great quantity. For me this is basics."

Alessandro Borghese

"Bravo keeps on improving itself and its products. That's basic for us gelato and pastry chefs, since we need Bravo and its advanced technology to improve our products, to teach our art and to attract new proselytes."

Vetulio Bondi