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Sigep 2018 - Rimini, Italy

Showcookings, the most famous chefs and an unconventional booth. Come and visit us!

Mig 2017 - Longarone (Italy)

Come and visit us in Longarone

Host 2017 - Milan (Italy)

Come and visit us at Pav. 6P

Cast your vote on Unconventional Gelato

1 - 20 July. Vote your favourite artisan gelato chef on YouTube to watch him in an episode of Unconventional Gelato

The Sweetman Pro

Six famous pastry chefs working with the ultimate master Iginio Massari. On air on Sky Uno HD on Friday 06.16 at 08:45 PM

Unconventional Gelato

Bravo sponsors the talk show which lets you meet the leading characters of the italian artisan gelato art

Gelato artigianale festival - Agugliano (AN)

Form 9th to 11th June we'll be produ sponsor with our machines

Fispal 2017 - Brasile

Come and visit us in San Paolo, Brazil

Artisan gelato festival - Pesaro 2017

Produ sponsor of this amusing event